Shoulders+Booty Workout


Warm-up: 10-20 minutes on the stairstepper

Circuits: Do each strength circuit 2x though and between each set do the cardio blast one time though. Strength moves are for 40 seconds and cardio 30 seconds.

Circuit One:

-Laydown pushups

-Spiderman knee pulls on bosu

-Woodchop with kettlebell

-Tricep kick back in plank

-Russian twist with medicine ball

-Squat with overhead press holding dumbbells

-Burpee with bosu

-Plie upright row with kettlebell

Cardio Blast:

-2 front kicks, 2 air jacks

-Snap jumps in plank

-2 jacks, 2 plank jacks

-Burpee squat jump

-Shuffle side touch

Circuit Two:

-Alternating lunge with shoulder press

-Squat with side leg raise and hammer curl

-Kettlebell swing

-Burpee with medicine ball up into jump

-Shoulder taps in plank

-Lateral raise (5), drop down into plank holding dumbbells 10 mountain climbers



Let me know if you guys try, snap chat me too at nvannos :)!!









Week of Workouts


I figured I would update you guys on what a current week of workouts looks like for me. I finished Anna Victoria’s FBG and plan on still incorporating some of her moves into my workouts as I absolutely loved her guide! I am now training for a full marathon as well with my boyfriend. We usually do runs together but he was gone this week so my schedule was a little different but we usually do running every other day and gym on the opposite days!

Saturday: Active rest day hiking at Niagara Falls (around 6 miles).

Sunday: Long run with my boyfriend, 9 miles.

Monday: 50 minute stair stepper intervals, 15 minutes upper body and core work

Tuesday:5 mile progressive run

Wednesday: 5 mile hill treadmill run

Thursday: 5 minutes row machine, 30 minute leg targeted circuit, 30 minutes spin bike, 15 minutes incline walk cool down

Friday: 60 minute spinning sesh (24 miles) incorporating hills and sprints. Totally kicked my butt!

I am headed home for the weekend so I am not positive what my workouts will look like but I am thinking some hiking on my favorite trails tomorrow and 10 miles on Sunday! My workouts have been all about variety lately. It keeps me excited to hit the gym and keep from feeling burned out. If you want me to share any of these workouts let me know! Happy Friday my friends! Have a safe and fun Halloweekend!

Reasons why I am Perfect


I am perfect because…

-Sometimes I laugh so hard I make a super attractive snort

-I’d rather be in bed at 10 on a Friday than out drinking

-I get so anxious before exams that I shake and start sweating

-I sometimes look at pictures of cats online for 25 minutes before I cut myself off

-I buy ice cream just to take a fork through it and eat all the “good stuff” out within 24 hours (Panda Paws is bae, my family hides ice cream from me)

-I drool excessively at night and also sleep talk in some foreign language that doesn’t exist

-Some days I wake up feeling “disgusting” and the next feel just fine.

-I have lazy days that aren’t warranted or necessary but just because I am feeling them.

-I can’t go an entire day of eating without getting at least a little stain on my clothes.

-Somedays I still listen to those stupid disordered thoughts in my head.

-I still have extreme food anxiety no matter how it appears on social media and sometimes still let it dictate my decisions and actions.

-I got a 2.8 my first two semesters in college, got a ratchet tattoo, and hip dermals (quarter life crisis) and cant deny I made some of my best memories at that time.

-I am terrible driver and run over so much random stuff that my low tire pressure light is forever on and my Scion looks like its been through a tundra.

-I wait till my gas is low light is blinking till I stop for gas (and yes I have ran out before, shoutout to my mom for running out on the parkway to help a girl out).

-When I am stressed with school I find myself throwing random food I am not hungry for down my mouth.

-Because I am super dysfunctional and the furthest thing from perfect, AKA I am human and I am just fine.

Don’t let social media fool you. Through all those perfect meal preps, workouts, etc. there is a real person and I promise you that person is probably not as “perfect” as you think they are because NO ONE is. We all do the best we can and you know what, thats enough. Would love to hear what makes you perfect so comment below!

Accidentally going Veg



When I made the move to pharmacy school after a few weeks I realized I hadn’t consumed meat since I arrived with only a few exceptions. On moving in my mom and I went shopping and loaded up on a lot of more wholesome foods. Those who have followed me since the beginning of my account know that my diet was once filled with mass amounts of Splenda, diet breads, zero calorie noodles, Arctic Zero, and quest bars. I am not saying these products should be off limits but in my opinion they do very little to fuel our body efficiently. The whole purpose of food is CALORIES and FUEL so why would we ever eat something with zero calories?! Needless to say these additions were better than my previous diet in which the depth of my ED I would eat a head of cabbage at a meal with sugar free syrup..yeah…it was BAD. But my body was starving and I was looking for that feeling of “fullness” without calories. The lower the calories, the higher the protein the better! How did I feel? I don’t think I realized even in the moment just how badly I felt. My stomach consistently looked like an African starving child because I was malnourished and would bloat on mass amounts of veggies with no real nutrition and I was also extremely fatigued. I had mysterious stomach problems for about 3 years. I decided I was done with that crap. This past month I said goodbye to Questbars (yes, it was painful at first) and any kind of diet product. I started eating foods that had terrified me for a long time (Larabars, real peanut butter, coconut oil, granola) and each time I ate it I felt less afraid. I have been tracking in MFP and experimenting with my numbers and have gotten up to 1700+ calories on a daily basis, about double of what I used to eat. I have gained weight since the worst of my ED but I have been pretty stable over the past year even with an extra 700 calories and can feel my metabolism actually functioning again. I actually feel the most at peace with my body than I had for a long time. And I’ve felt REALLY good with my new diet. I have added a multivitamin, my usual iron supplement, and B12 as these are common deficiencies with a vegetarian diet to be aware of. My stomach issues have completely went away…I also tried a questbar the other day and found it kind of gross and artificial (crazy how your taste buds change)! My main inspirations in my switch include @leilulemon @dani_nemeh @tayliveshealthy @_beetsme@eatplants.liftweights @fastfit_free. These ladies are amazing and gave me so many great ideas! I wanted to give you guys an idea of what I eat each day so I was going to put together a normal day of eating for me now that I am a vegetarian! I am going to try and do these weekly because I think WIAW are so fun! Note all these pictures aren’t from the same day (I haven’t had the chance to take pictures all from the same day yet but represent my current daily eats!)

Breakfast: I usually wake up, have a couple of cups of coffee with unsweetened almond milk and have breakfast about two hours after (I wake up around 5:30-6 each day):


Here we have a packet of cranberry flax oatmeal (loaded with iron) plus half a pink lady apple, a few strawberries, vanilla roasted almonds, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and crunchy almond butter!



I always have a yogurt for my morning snack (Siggis is my favorite) and a wrap usually for lunch if I am on the go. I use Flat Out wraps (multi flax and spinach are my favorites) and put into it either a veggie burger or Bacon Tempeh strips by Tofurkey brand! My other favorite things to stuff it with include spinach, sprouts, hummus, olives, fresh avocado, and some dressing (yogurt based are my favorites-honey mustard or curry). Afternoon snack is usually an apple or banana with almond butter or a Larabar/Kind Bar. When I get home from class me and my boyfriend either run or go to the gym when he is done working. Ill usually snack on some carrots when I get home before we go!

Post workout/Dinner:


My go to dinner is either tofu or tempeh with a veggie, spinach salad, and a sweet potato topped either with pb, or coconut oil and avocado. Ketchup always makes it on to my plate!

Night Snack: Each night I always have a cup of green tea and either a greek yogurt with some granola and Kashi cereal, or frozen banana with pb2 and a little dark chocolate. Depends on if I need more protein or carbs.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to DM me on instagram! I often don’t see notifications on here and my Binghamton email address is no longer monitored as I have a new school email, so DM is the best and lets me get back to you the quickest :).

Leg Based Circuits


4 circuits, 6 minutes per circuit.


-Speed skaters (20)

-Kettlebell squat and swing (20)

-Deep squat with upright row (20)

-Pop, pop, squat (15)

-Full sit up


-Side lunge with medicine ball press and knee up (10 per side)

-Burpee with kettlebell (10)

-Crawl out, 10 mountain climbers, crawl back (x5)

-Kettbell side chop into squat (10x per side)

-5 plank jacks, 5 regular jacks (x10)

-Commandoes (10)


-Plie squat with upright row (20)

-Squat, 2 front kicks (20)

-Side lunge with tricep kickback (20)

-Kettle squat with swing (25)

-Clock lunge (10)

-Russian twist (20)


-Side show with kettle (10 per side)

-Reverse lunge kick with kettle (10 per side)

-Fast feet 10 seconds with drop into pushup (10)

-Kettle swing (25)

-Spider knee pulls (20)

-4 ski jumps burpee (x5)

Low Impact Full Body Workout


Go through each circuit, 5 minutes per circuit and then repeat all four once (40 minutes). Bonus round is completed once and take around 10 minutes.

Round One:

-Medicine ball squat and upward raise (20)

-Full sit-up with twist (20-10 per side)

-Reverse lunge with kick holding kettlebell or medicine ball (10 per side)

-Commandoes (10 per side)

-Sumo squat holding dumbbell or kettlbell (20)

-Kettlbell squat with swing (20)

Round Two:

-Straight leg full sit up (20)

-Weighted squat clean and press (20)

-Kettlbell squat with swing (25)

-Spider knee pulls in plank (pull knee to elbow) (20)

-Spider knee pull with pushup (10)

Round Three:

-In and out squat holding medicine ball/kettlbell (20 in and outs)

-Russian Twist with medicine ball (20 per side)

-Mountain climbers (20)

-Bicep curl with squat and leg swing side to side on contraction (20)

-Tuck, roll, and row on stomach (10)

-Kettlebell swings (25)

Round Four:

-Bosu Burpee (15)

-Knee pull in side plank (10 per side)

-Up and go with kettlbell (10 per side)

-Lateral raise with dumbbell (12-12)

-Deep squat holding kettlebell above head (20)

Bonus Round: One time through. For challenge repeat as fast as you can with good for as many times as possible in 10 minutes.

-Lateral rise with kettlebell down into hack squat (10 per side) in between each side drop down and do 20 plank jacks

-Side to side mountain climbers (20)

-Lay down pushup (5) roll over and do 5 snap jumps (x4)

-Ab bicycle (20)

-180 degree kettle squat and swing (10 per side)

-Front kick, lunge touch the floor (10 per side)

-Front raise with dumbbell (10 per side)

-Burpee with kettle bell swing (10)

Let me know if you try! As you may know from Instagram, my ankle has been bothering me and I found these moves did not irritate it. They are all pretty low impact but still really get you sweating and hit all your major muscle groups. Kettle bells are great for cardio and really get your heart rate up while toning which is why I love to incorporate them into most of my workouts. Happy Friday guys! Let me know what blog posts you would be interested in 🙂

Full day of eats! 


I’ve had quite a few requests for a full day of eating and have been inspired after seeing @roxy_fitness video post! Often I feel posting random meals doesn’t give the real picture. For example, some of my meals are low carb but that means earlier in the day I had a carb dense meal! I hope to weekly post one of these:)!                            Meal one: breakfast was a container of Siggi’s yogurt with some berries and chia seeds as well as an eggwhite scramble with spinach and avocado. I added some honey nut cherios to the yogurt after the picture!  

 Snack one:

after a five mile run and abs I needed a quick snack before I was off for some shopping! I had one date with a tsp of Justin’s almond butter and a little shredded coconut. I also had a cup of unsweetened apple cinnamon tea on the side!  
 Meal two: had a lunch date at panera! This picture is from last week but I got the strawberry poppyseed salad with the dressing and pecans on the side. I used a little less than half the dressing and didn’t use the pecans (I don’t care for them). I got a baguette on the side but brought it home as I felt satisfied after just the salad!  

 Snack two: after apartment shopping I was hungry again! Had another Siggis yogurt because I am obsessed with a cool cacoa chip raw vegan ball I found while out! They were pretty good but I probably wouldn’t buy again!  

  Meal three: I had my favorite combo yet again! A sweet potato with pb fit, spinach, asparagus, and grilled chicken. I also snacked on some carrots and hummus and watermelon while cooking!  

 Snack three: no picture, but had a half of a frozen banana with probably half a tablespoon of Wild Friends coconut chocolate pb with some hemp super foods granola! A frozen banana is a great, low fat way to cure a sweet tooth! I have one almost every night.