20 minute quicke


We all have those days where we don’t have enough time to get through 45 minutes or more of a workout. I always remind myself that something is better than nothing, and often you can get the job done within 20 minutes!

Circuit One: Set your timer to a 10 minute count down and repeat the following moves till the timer buzzes!

  1. Deep squat and press with medicine ball (20)
  2. Jump, jump squat with 90 degree turn (15)
  3. Prisoner squat with plyo jack (10)
  4. 4 lunge jumps, drop down into 4 pushups (X4)

Circuit Two: You know the drill…10 minutes as many sets as you can!

  1. Row with weights in plank (one on each side) followed by one frogger jump (in plank jump your feet up toward your hands and back into plank) (x6 sets)
  2. Plie squat into upright row (15)
  3. Speed skater jump (20)
  4. Burpee with shoulder press (10)



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