Variety is the Spice of Life


Lately when I scroll through insta I see a lot of comments that upset me. Wether is IIFYM, raw vegan, plant based, etc. someone always has something negative to say about the way someone chooses to eat. Everyone seems to think their diet is superior and the only option for optimal health. I just want to throw it out there that healthy for one person is likely not to mean the same thing for anyone else. We all eat based on our goals, knowledge, research, experience etc. and thats what makes it fun! This is the way I like to look at it; finding your groove with a diet and lifestyle is like dating. You try a bunch of different things, may change your mind, develop priorities, and sometimes have to learn the hard way. When you finally find that person that clicks its something individual and personal, no one else will have the same relationship you do and find value and connection to the same person. Same goes for a diet, we all need to experiment to find what works for us, what feels good, and what gets us to our goals. This is why I refuse to ever preach my thoughts to anyone else or judge anyone who feels differently. I see people post meat or fish and someone following a vegan diet acts like they just personally wronged them..why does it matter if someone has the same diet views as you? You do you! If you are bothered by what someone eats move on , its no opportunity for negativity.

So, as I mentioned I have been including meat back into my diet. I felt low in iron again and sure I can take a supplement, but one thing thats important to ME is not relying on supplementation if I can avoid it. I have increased my protein and feel more satisfied and energetic. Doesn’t mean that anyone who eats vegan/plant based should change because its different for EVERYONE. I feel better, the next person may feel better sticking to a meat free diet. I still appreciate and love the plant based lifestyle and eat most my meals on that basis but don’t feel the need to live up to some label or standard. Im not a vegan, vegetarian, iifym gal…and thats perfectly fine!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Is there such thing as a perfect diet?


2 thoughts on “Variety is the Spice of Life

  1. Paige

    ” I see people post meat or fish and someone following a vegan diet acts like they just murdered someone or something…”
    …. umm, replace ‘someone’ with ‘an animal’ and you’d be correct. By consuming animal products you are directly contributing to the death, rape, torture and exploitation of defenseless animals.
    There are plenty of ways to get enough protein, iron, b12, etc while living a vegan lifestyle but you have to eat enough food and let go of your routine to make it work. Its hard to do when you still have disordered thoughts, trust me I’ve been there, but in the end its about not being selfish and realizing that your choices have a direct impact on the well being of others (ie animals).

    • I agree and what goes on does disgust me but at a point I feel like I do need to be a little selfish when it comes to my own health. And your right on when you mention the disordered eating. Ive come a long way but maybe am not where I need to be to make that switch over. I truly do appreciate the vegan lifestyle and when my health is in the right place I would like to get there. I think that it comes down to a personal decision on how we fuel our bodies and the purpose of this post was to state my opinion that I don’t think it is anyone else’s place to judge or attack over.

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