Because I Love you Guys


3 weeks of workouts+meal plan+shopping list

thanks for all your support, your all amazing!

If you use any workouts or meals hashtag #srchallenge so I can see them! Message me if you need any move explanations!

Grocery List:

Note- not all items are needed within each category. While looking at the meal ideas consider which options you would enjoy and shop accordingly. For example, you don’t need to buy apples, bananas, and pears! Bolded are items that come up in many meals and are key unless you dislike them.




-Strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries









-Spinach or lettuce spring mix




-Sweet potatoes

-Brussel sprouts


-Winter squash (acorn, buttercup, kabocha)

-Baby carrots


-Ezekiel English Muffins

-Whole wheat wraps (I buy Flatout brand)


-Brown Rice


-Multigrain Bread

-Whole grain pasta


-Multigrain Pita Chips


Use is not needed. Artificial sweeteners like Sweet n Low, Splenda, etc. should be eliminated.





-Unsweetened Almond Milk

-Lowfat cottage cheese

-Greek yogurt or Siggis/Elli Quark

-Low fat cheese (or Go Veggie Brand vegan cheese preferred)


-Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, or Pecans


-Cereal-(Puffins, Love Grown Brands-shoot for wholegrain and low sugar)

-Granola (Purely Elizabeth’s is my favorite)

-Almond/Peanut butter (shoot for natural with low sugar)


-Protein Snack Bars (Go Macro, Rx Bar, Luna Bar, Larabar, Square Bar, Nugo Bar). Avoid artificially sweetened bars such as Quest and Pure Protein (they cause bloating and tummy issues).

-Treat Snack: something sweet of your choice- dark chocolate squares, Bark Thins, Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

-Earth Balance Vegan Butter

-Olive Oil

-Cooking spray

Protein for Vegetarians:

-Eggs/Egg Whites

-Veggie Burgers

-Meatless Chicken Strips



-Black beans

Protein for Non-Vegetarians:

-Eggs/Egg Whites


-Turkey (low sodium)



-Black beans


Any seasonings can be used in preparing foods but avoid too much sodium. Mrs. Dash has a great line of low sodium ones to use for veggies or protein. Food can be cooked in cooking spray and a little olive oil or vegan butter can be used for flavoring if desired.

-Mrs. Dash Seasonings

-Fresh salsa

-No Sugar Added Ketchup

-Salad dressing- add for less than 100 calories per serving and low fat

Low sodium marinara


-Coconut water

-Fresh lemon to add to water

-Green tea

Meal Plan:

More specific options are given for breakfast, snacks, and desserts. For lunch and dinner there is a template and some suggestions and examples. This is designed to give flexibility and allow for eating on the go or out. This plan should NOT limit you and should be easily worked into any lifestyle! If you have any problem thinking of ideas my Instagram is full of meals that follow this template and you can always message me! A glass of water should be drank with every meal and I highly suggest bringing a bottle of water along with you everywhere!


-2 slices multigrain toast with 1/3-1/2 mashed avocado spread on top. Side of greek yogurt or scrambled egg whites

-Green smoothie: 1 frozen banana with spinach, unsweetened almond milk, 1 tbsp peanut butter or 2 tbsp peanut butter powder, 1 scoop protein powder, ice to consistency (frozen fruit such as berries, pineapple, guava, or mango also are great additions)

-Breakfast sandwich: ezekiel english muffin with one egg, three egg whites, slice of cheese ( I like go veggie dairy free), sliced avocado. Side of berries, half an orange, half a grapefruit, or half a banana.

-Greek yogurt bowl: 1 cup plain greek yogurt with stevia or a cup of Siggis yogurt topped with 1/4 cup granola, a sliced banana or apple. (additional: one tablespoon melted pb or almond butter drizzled on top).

-1/2 cup steel cut (or quick) oats topped with berries and a banana (additional: 1/2-1 tbsp of nut butter).

-Paleo start: 2 eggs sunny side up with half a grape fruit and 1/2 an avocado

-On the go: protein bar (square bars, luna bar, larabar) with a greek yogurt or apple/banana

-Protein cereal: one serving cereal or granola in 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk with 1/2 scoop protein powder and a sliced banana (strawberries also make a great addition).

Morning Snack (around 100 calories):





-Greek/Siggis yogurt

-Low fat cheese stick with multi grain pita chips or crackers

-Carrots with 2 tbsp. of hummus

-Two dates stuffed with half a tablespoon of almond butter

Lunch: One serving of protein with one complex carb and side of salad or veggies.

-Flatout wrap (or ezekiel english muffin) filled with protein (turkey, tofu, veggie burger, grilled chicken) with veggies of choice, a slice of cheese (or go veggie vegan cheese), and a tablespoon of smashed avocado or hummus.

-Spinach salad topped with protein of choice, sliced walnuts, dried cranberries, 1 tbsp of crumbled goat cheese, with one tablespoon of dressing (balsamic vinaigrette, light poppyseed) with 7 multigrain pita chips on the side.

-Brown rice bowl: 1/2 cup brown rice topped with protein of choice, 1/4 cup black beans, 1/4 fresh avocado, a dash of lime, and fresh salsa

-Zucchini Noodles-Put one whole zucchini through a spiralizer and cook in pan till crispy (can also add spinach) and top with 1/2 cup low sodium marinara, 1 serving protein (chicken breast or chicken free strips)

Afternoon Snack:

-Protein/snack bar: Lunar bar, Square Bar, RX Bar, Nugo Bar.

Can choose any bar around 150-200 calories. Avoid any highly artificial bars (Quest, Pure Protein, or anything containing artificial sweeteners)

Dinner: 1.5 servings of protein, serving of complex carbs (choose any off grocery list under carbs), and a fat. Side of veggies and salad if desired.

-Shoelessrunner Go to: 1 roasted sweet potato with a melted slice of Go Veggie Cheese, spinach salad, veggie (asparagus, broccoli, zucchini), and protein (2 servings of tofu/tempeh).

Dessert: Around 150-200 calories

-Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a drizzle of honey

-Justin’s peanut butter cups

-Banana with a square of dark chocolate or a tablespoon of nut butter

-Banana ice cream-blend 1-2 frozen bananas till thick

-Apple microwaved till warm sprinkled with cinnamon

-1/3 cup oatmeal with a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips melted in

-Protein shake with 1 scoop of powder and unsweetened almond milk

Is anything “off limits”?

The point of this plan is to make it all part of your lifestyle and something you can stick to. Detoxes, restriction, and radical plans work for a few weeks and leave your metabolism damaged and only bring temporary progress. If your family cooks healthy meals you should defiantly have what they are making and just be aware of the portion sizes as given above. Each week you get 500 flex calories in which you can use on ANYTHING. You can use them up all at once (for example going out for a night at the bars), or disperse them throughout the week. I strongly encourage you to enjoy something you’re craving each week!

Artificial sweeteners and diet products are not encouraged by the plan. Although a multigrain slice of bread has more calories than a 35 calorie slice of light bread, you are getting so much more for your calories and it helps satiate you!

Coffee is completely acceptable on the plan, but lots of creamer or sweeteners should be avoided. Alcohol should be avoided unless you use your flex calories on it.

SR Challenge Week 1:


Ladder Workout- Start with move 1 and each round add one move. You do the number of repetitions of each move that it is numbered.

Warm up with 10 minutes of light running, incline walking, or elliptical.

1-Burpee with tuck jump


3-Curtsy lunge holding kettle bell or medicine ball (per side)

4-Plyo jump forward and backward

5-Up and downs (jump down into burpee going all the way down like a pushup down to your stomach and jump back up)

6-Shoulder tap, jumping jack in plank position (one tap on each side and 2 plank jacks is one rep)

7-Dumbbell row with jump (in plank with 5 pound weights do a row on each side and then jump your feet towards your hands and back into a plank position, repeat row)

8-180 degree burpee-burpee jump squat to opposite side and continue to go clockwise

9-Squat overhead press with medicine ball

10-Medicine ball throw with jump (in squat position squat down throwing ball to ground, when bouncing back up propel into a jump returning back into squat position)

11-Plie squat upright row

12-Spiderman pushup (pushup brining the knee to the elbow)


Endurance Cardio-45 minutes of moderate pace on cardio equipment of choice. For runners doing the plan this will be your long run day (possibly longer than 45 minutes depending on what distance running your training for).


Rest Day


Hill HIIT: Can be done outside or on treadmill walking or running. If looking for a lower impact option you can do an elliptical using resistance as the “hill”.

Minutes 0-5: Warm up at 1% incline at easy pace.

5-7: Easy hill (around 4-5% incline).

7-9: Flat (1% incline)

9-11: Easy hill with pace pick up (increase pace around .3-.5 mph at a 4-5% incline).

11-14: Recover on flat (1% incline)

14-16: Moderate hill (6-7% incline)

16-20: Moderate pace on flat (1% incline)

20-25: Start at 1% incline and increase by 1% incline every 45 seconds till on a step hill.

25-30: Cool down on flat (1% incline).

Depending on your level, if you want more of a challenge repeat the moderate hills with less rest in between. If you are walking rather than running and are not challenged by the incline, increase till you are challenged on the incline intervals.


Warm up with 10 minutes of light running, incline walking, or elliptical.

Arms and Shoulders: 40 seconds per move, 5-10 seconds rest. Repeat once

-Deep jump squat holding light dumbbells straight above head

-Inch worms-stand then start going into a full plank by walking hands out in front of you. Once in plank do one pushup and walk back into standing position.

-Reverse lunge with knee up, pressing medicine ball/ kettle bell above head

-Pencil squat (Squat deep touching hands to the ground, jump up with legs together and hands above head)

-Dumbbell rows (right side first round, left side second)

-Side lunge into bicep curl with knee raise

-Plank jacks (go into plank position and jump legs out like a jumping jack out to the side)

-Squat with overhead press

-Burpee commando (jump down into burpee and do two commandos before jumping back up)

-Chest press (10) roll over into mountain climbers (10)


Rest Day


Sprints and Legs

Treadmill Spring Portion:

Warm up-5 minutes

HIIT: For 10 minutes alternate a sprint for 1 minute and a recovery pace for one minute. The spring segments should feel very difficult.

Cool down-5 minutes


Do each section twice through


Jump jump squat (15)

Squat overhead press (15)

Bulgarian lunge holding dumbbells (10 per side)

Speed skaters (20)


Curtsy lunge holding kettle bell or medicine ball (10 per side)

Roundhouse kick into squat (10 per side)

Jump lunges (10 per side)

Plie Squat with weight (20)


Lunge with shoulder press (10 per side)

In and out low squat jump holding medicine ball (10)

Donkey kicks (10 per side)

Knee down jacks (knee down onto the ground/mat one knee at a time, then step back up one foot at a time into a squat jack, repeat)

SR Challenge Week 2:

Friday: Chorus Hills (45 minutes)

Warm up for 10 minutes

10-35: For the next 25 minutes pick a series of songs (between 5-7). For each song on the chorus you will run on a hill (start gradual for the first couple of songs and get steeper for the last couple). For example, for the first two songs 4% incline, next 2 6%, and the final 2 7-8% incline).

35-45: Cool down

Saturday: Shoulders and Arms

Warm up for 15 minutes with cardio of choice. Complete each circuit twice. Feel free to modify number of reps!


Side to side hops over step (20): In plank with hands on a step jump your legs over to each side.

Plank punches (20): In plank punch each arm forward one at a time.

Candlestick burpee (10): Roll back as shown in below picture, rolling up jumping back into plank.

Kettlebell swing (can do a squat overhead press if don’t have kettlebell) (20)

Snap jumps in plank (20)

Commando (10)


Renegade row with frog jump in plank (20): do one upright row with each arm in plank with dumbbells. Once completing one with each arm jump both legs up toward your hands and back.

Walking plank (20): In a plank walk both legs to the right, the middle, then the left. Each set is 10 in each direction.

Kettlebell upright row into burpee (10) (If no kettlebell, do upright row with dumbbells)

Side to side squat with lateral raise (10 to each side)

Sumo squat up into straight jump (20)


Tricep extensions with dumbbell in plank (20)

Lateral jump over step into burpee (10 total, 5 on each side of step)

Tricep dips (20) into mountain climbers (10)

Squat into overhead press with dumbbells or medicine ball (20)


Jumping jack, plank jack (10)

Knee pulls in plank position (10 per side)

Sumo squat into upright row (20)

Laydown pushup (10): go down into pushup all the way to the ground, extending arms forward into superman position, back into a pushup.

Side to side squat touch with medicine ball (10): squat bringing medicine ball down towards your right foot, then making a circular motion bring ball above head sweeping down to the left foot.


Rest Day or Yoga


Steady state cardio (45-60 minutes)

Runners: this can be a long run day!

Tuesday: Whole Body Workout

5 minutes per set, 2x through


Burpee into laydown pushup (10)

Squat with shoulder press (20)

X jump (10): Squat jump, right lunge jump, squat jump, left lunge jump.

Reverse lunge knee lift holding weights (10 per side)

Full sit up (15): lay all the way down on back with legs straight. Sit up bringing fingers toward toes.


Plyo jumping jack (20)

Crab walk holding medicine ball (10 per side)

Sumo jump squat (10)

Curtsy lunge with side twist holding medicine ball (10 per side)

Bicycle crunch (25 per side)


Tuck jump (15)

Burpee down into commando, burpee down into spiderman knee pull (5 of each type)

Plie squat with upright row (25)

Russian twist (25) into mountain climber (10)

Side shuffle into lunge jump (3 per side) for 45 seconds


180 degree burpee (10)

Kettlebell swing (25)

Hack squat (10 each side)

Plank jack (20)

Abs leg drop (20)


Rest Day

Thursday: Leg Day+HIIT Sprints

Treadmill HIIT:

10 minute warm up

Ladder sprints: 20 sprint, 1 minute recover, 30 sprint, 1 minute recover, 35 sprint, 1 minute recover, 45 sprint, 1 minute recover , 60 second sprint, 1 minute recover, 45 sprint, 1 minute recover, 35 sprint, 1 minute recover, 30 sprint, 1 minute recover, 20 sprint, 1 minute recover.

5-10 minute cool down.

Legs: 3x through the set

Burpee into tuck jump (10)

Weighted step up with knee on bench (10 per leg)

In and out jump squats (15)

Walking lunges with weights (10 per leg)

Plie squat with weights/medicine ball (20)

Squat jump (15)

Bulgarian weighted lunge (10 per leg)

Star jump (10)

Squat into overhead press (20)

SR Challenge Week 3:

Friday: Progressive cardio

Warm up for 10 minutes

Minutes 10-35-start at an easy pace and every five minutes increase the pace by .2 mph till at a comfortably hard pace. (can also increase resistance instead of pace if on elliptical, bike)

Minutes 35-45-cool down

Saturday: Shoulders and Arms

Two times through each set:

1: plank jack (20)

side lunge into upward press with knee raise (10 per side)

Laydown pushup (10)

Plank punches (10 each side)

Burpee tuck jump (10)

Single arm squat press (10 per side)

T pushup-pushup up into a side plank (10)

Sumo squat jump (20)

Burpee with lateral jump over step (10)


Tricep dip (10), mountainclimber (10) x2

Squat and upward press (20)

Weighted jumping jack (20)

Abs bicycle (25)

Knee pulls in plank (20)

Crawl out, pushup, crawl back, plyo squat (8)

Double pulse jump squat (15)

Plank hip dips (10 per side)

Laydown pushup into snap jump (10)


180 burpee (10)

Walking plank (20)

Sumo squat with dumbbell upright row (20)

Plank jack (20)

Side plank (30 seconds per side)

Commandos (10)


Yoga or rest day.


Steady state cardio (45-60 minutes)

This can be long run day for runners.


Full Body Workout, 2 times through each set


180 burpee (10)

Sumo squat into lateral raise (20)

Prisoner squat with in and out squat jump (12)

Dolphin pushup (from upward to downward dog) (10)

Speed skater hops holding a medicine ball (20)

Shoulder press drop down into frogger jump in plank position (10)


Drop jump squat (20)

Wood chop jump holding dumbbell (20)

Commando (10), mountain climber (10) x2

Bulgarian lunge holding medicine ball (10 per side)

Up and go with kettlebell or dumbbell (10 on right side, 10 plank jacks, 10 on left)

Russian twist (20)


Hack squat right (10), snap jump in plank (10), hack squat left (10) (Note: for hack squat bring weight or kettlebell from left foot squating standing up lifting weight to the right of the body above head)

Kettlebell swing (25)

In and out jump squat holding weight (20)

X jump (20) (left lunge jump, jump squat, right lunge jump)

Full sit up with straight legs (20)

Curtsy lunge (10 per side)


Rest day


Legs and Booty:

Treadmill incline warm up:

2 minutes at 3% incline, 2 minutes at 5%, 3 minutes at 8%, 3 minutes at 10%, 4 minutes at 11%, 1 minute at 3%.

Tabata Portion:

(40 seconds work, 10 seconds rest): sumo jump squat, plyo jumping jack, linge jump, 180 degree burpee, burpee with lateral jump over step.

Concentrated strength work: (2x through)

Squat overhead press (25)

Bulgarian squat (10 per side)

Curtsy lunge with kettlebell (10 per side)

Squat jump (15)

Split squat with medicine ball core rotation (10 per side)

Kettlebell swing (25)

Plie squat upright row (20)

Plank jack (20)


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