Week of Workouts


Happy Sunday loves! Wanted to fill you in with my current workout schedule as its been a while. I am starting training for a half marathon in April this upcoming Monday! I finally feel like I am fueling adequately to train hard and give my all to it. My previous personal best is a 1:28 which I would love to beat!

Monday-Easy 6.5 miles outside (moderately hilly)

Tuesday-Shoulders and arms SR Challenge workout with some incline walking

Wednesday-8 mile progressive run (7:45 to 6:20 pace)

Thursday-Full body SR Challenge workout with cool down spinning

Friday-45 minute treadmill run (6 miles)

Saturday-Bootcamp class with parents (60 minutes of circuit training death)

Sunday-Easy 6.10 miler with my dad

Most weeks I have a rest day but my schedule was a little off going to an unplanned workout class with my parents. Next week I will probably go down to two circuit/weight workouts plus a long run. Ill keep you guys updated as my training progresses! Hope your week is off to a lovely start! If you would like the challenge workouts repost any picture of mine or post your take on one of my recipes or meals and tag me and I will directly email you three weeks of workouts and the meal plan:)!


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