Full Body Workout


Repeat each circuit 2 times through repeating as much as you can in five minutes! Most I got through around once with a little leftover time to restart!


-Squat with shoulder press with medicine ball (25)

-Reverse lunge kick holding med ball (10 per side)

-Lunge jumps (10 per side)

-Full sit up (20)

-Plank jack (20)



-Pencil jump (touch floor in deep squat, jump up with straight legs and hands above head) (20)

-Crab walk squat holding medicine ball (20)

-Jump squat (20)

-Bulgarian lunge holding weights (12 each side)

-Bicycle crunch (25 per side)



-Tuck jump (20)

-Burpee commando, burpee spiderman knee pulls both with jump at top (10 total-5 of each variation)

-Plie squat into upright row holding dumbbell or kettlebell (25)

-Russian twist (10) into mountain climber (10) x3

-Side shuffle into 4 lunge jumps, shuffle to other side and repeat ( 3x  per side)



-Drop down pushup (10)

-180 Burpee (10 per side)

-Kettlebell squat swing(25)

-Hack squat with kettlebell (1o on right side, 10 plank jacks, 10 on other side)

-Hip dips in plank (20 per side)


Finished it off with 10 minutes of treadmill sprints! Let me know if you try:)!



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